Monday, March 5, 2012

Mac Haul

Hey everyone, here is ANOTHER mac haul!! Hope you enjoy!! n_n

Chocolate Brown Pigment
Melon Pigment
Naked Pigment
Nebula Pigment (Limited Edition)
Cira Plum (Limited Edition)
Blue Brown

Butterfly Party Crushed Metallic Pigment
- Rain drop
- Moss Garden
- Butterfly Party
- Desert Cloud
Strawberry Patch Crushed Me Crushed Metallic Pigment
- Star Crystal
- Rose Light
- Strawberry Patch
- Moon Rose
Aloha Crushed Metallic Pigment
- Shifting Sands
- Aloha
- Lantern Light
- Campfire



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All products mentioned in this video were purchased on my own. I am not getting paid or compensated by any of the brands mentioned for this video. I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned and as always, my reviews and comments in regards to the products are my honest opinion.

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